Node.js Full Stack Development

Your Journey to Software Expertise Begins with Iconic Placements

Introducing Iconic Placements Node.js Full Stack Development Bootcamp

Iconic Placements proudly presents the Node.js Full Stack Development Bootcamp, a comprehensive and transformative learning experience designed to propel you into the exciting world of full stack development. In a dynamic and ever-evolving tech landscape, our bootcamp equips you with the latest tools, techniques, and expertise to thrive as a proficient full stack developer.


In this course we are going to cover HTML & CSS, Javascript & Dom, Web development framework – React.js, Introduction to React.js and JSX.


In this course we are going to cover bsics to advanced Typescript course, along with Node.js, Next.js & Nest.js and Complete Application with Nest.js from the Scratch and other topics like Deployment and containers.


Backend Development course consists of database and DMS topics which covers Sql and relational database management systems mysql & maria db intro. Introduction to Nosql databases, mongo db, dynamo db & document db.

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