Full Stack Development Bootcamp

Your Journey to Software Expertise Begins with Iconic Placements

Introducing Iconic Placements Full Stack Development Bootcamp

Iconic Placements proudly presents the Full Stack Development Bootcamp, a comprehensive and transformative learning experience designed to propel you into the exciting world of full stack development. In a dynamic and ever-evolving tech landscape, our bootcamp equips you with the latest tools, techniques, and expertise to thrive as a proficient full stack developer.


In this course we are going to cover HTML & CSS, Javascript & Dom and Web development frameworks like Angular, reactjs, Angular.js & Angular CLI intro. Mobile application frameworks like Android and iOS platforms, flutter, react- native introduction.


In this course we are going to cover bsics to advanced java programming language course, along with Node.js, Bootstrap, Express.js, Next.js, Nest.js, NPM and Introduction to spring core & spring boot along with introduction to Typescript has a language for rest API.


Backend Development course consists of database and DMS topics which covers Sql and relational database management systems mysql & maria db intro. Introduction to Nosql databases, mongo db, dynamo db & document db.

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